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The Swannanoa Country Fair hosts between 100 and 150 quality craft and trade stalls offering a variety of products ranging from health and beauty, outdoor sculpture, furniture, preserves and fresh produce, plants, arts and craft, jewellery, lifestyle, clothing, kids gifts and much much more.

Our Fair is for new and/or handmade items, under no circumstances will car boot sites be allowed.

If you are interested in promoting your products and/or services at our Fair, please complete the following registration form.

Food trucks and Food stallholders please note: All food trucks and food product suppliers need to email: for consideration.
The Home and School Committee have exclusive rights to the sale of food, beverages and raffles for the Fair. On a case by case basis, Home and School will review each application and a decision will be provided via email.

On completion of your registration, you will receive an email confirming your booking. If you do not receive an email, please check your junk mail first, and also your credit card statement to see if the registration fee has been withdrawn. If you haven't received a confirmation email and a registration fee hasn't been withdrawn, your registration hasn't gone through and you will need to register again. If you are still unsuccessful after the second attempt, please make contact via email to:

PLEASE NOTE: Craft stalls all SOLD OUT for 2024.

Sites may be shared, but both parties are required to register

You are required to provide a copy of your current Notice of Registration and your Registration Number

Important Information

  • The fair is for new and/or handmade items – no car boot sites will be available.
  • No stallholders are to sell any convenience food items including drinks and confectionery or run raffles without the express prior approval of the committee (this includes sausage sizzles).
  • Gates open for stallholders at 6.30 am and will be closed to incoming vehicles from 8.30 am, so you must be onsite prior to this time. 
  • The fair will be on rain, hail or shine, there are no refunds if you cannot attend on the day.

Stall Holder Parking

Swannanoa Domain on Tram Rd only has one entry/exit so it is critical to adhere to these points below:

  • Vehicles must be removed from the domain following unloading as soon as possible and no later than 9 am.
  • Parking is only available in designated areas outside of the Domain grounds. Traffic Management will direct you as you exit the Domain to stallholder parking. Please do not park anywhere else on the domain, your vehicle will be towed!
  • Vehicles may only remain on site if they are required as part of a stallholders set up and must be fully within the marked boundaries of your allocated site. 
  • All other stallholder vehicles MUST be REMOVED to the designated parking area - this is strictly enforced.


  • You may book up to three adjacent sites for your stall.
  • Price quoted is for a site only. It is the exhibitor’s responsibility to provide all equipment (including tables, gazebos) and materials for the exhibit.


In light of the possibility of cancellation of the 2024 Swannanoa Country Fair, registered stallholders will be given the opportunity to either request a full refund, to donate their stallholder fee to the school, or to transfer registration to the 2025 fair. Notification of your preference must be made within 14 days of the planned date of the 2024 Fair. Failure to communicate within that timeframe will result in the stallholders fee being donated to the school.


I fully understand the Terms and Conditions as detailed, and of the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015.  In respect to the Privacy Act, I acknowledge that the Swannanoa Home and School hold my details for the purpose of promoting the fair.  At no time do I hold the fair organisers, its members, Swannanoa Home and School or Swannanoa School responsible for any damages or misadventure.

I have read and understood the terms and conditions and accepted the terms of participating in this event.

Total $0.00

Terms and Conditions

  1. The Fair will receive promotion prior to the event via radio, Facebook and our Swannanoa Country Fair website. A list of all stallholders, who have elected to be included on their registration form, will be uploaded to the Fair website upon confirmation of their acceptance as a stallholder. We encourage stallholders to promote their attendance at the Fair on their own social media platforms.
  2. Applications will only be received online. Applications for stall sites should be accompanied by payment for the site/s. Sites will not be allocated until payment is received and must be made prior to {date to be specified} to ensure a site is allocated.
  3. Sites will be allocated to applicants on a first come, first serve basis. For returning stalls holders, we cannot guarantee the same sites as previous years as the stalls layout may have changed since the last fair.
  4. Stallholders that use generators as part of their display will be allocated appropriate sites keeping in mind noise, fumes and comfort of neighbouring sites.
  5. The organisers will use their best endeavours to ensure that sites are allocated for the best advantage of all stallholders, and to avoid incompatible stalls being located adjacent to one another. If a generator is required for stall operation you will be placed in an appropriate site location for Health & Safety.
  6. Stallholders must report to the gate marshal upon arrival with their site number, which will have been advised by 23rd February 2024.
  7. No refunds will be available if the fair is held on the scheduled day but the stallholder does not attend, irrespective of the weather. No refunds will be made for cancellation by a stallholder. However, in fairness to those people who miss out on a site, it would be appreciated if cancellations were notified to the organiser as soon as they are known so that they can contact a reserve stallholder. If you are unable to attend on the day, please let the organisers know by calling Claire on 021 730 228. Cancellation at any time by the organiser for any reason other than unsuitable weather will result in full refunds being offered to exhibitors.
  8. Stall holders must be checked in with the gate marshal by 8.30 am, the gates will open from 6.30 am. If you are unable to arrive by this time, or have been delayed, please advise the organisers know by calling Claire on 021 730 228. The organisers may reallocate any sites not taken up by this time to reserve stallholders.
  9. Stallholders must ensure that their displays and demonstrations are safe for themselves and the attending public. The organisers will take reasonable steps to remind parents to adequately supervise their children at all times. No stallholder is to leave Swannanoa Domain prior to the finishing time of 3pm regardless of weather. This is purely a safety measure as marshals are unavailable to direct traffic through the crowds.
  10. The committee has exclusive rights to the sale of food, beverages and raffles for the fair. No stallholders are to sell or give away any convenience food items including drinks and confectionery or run raffles without the express prior approval of the committee. No stall holders are to offer a free sausage sizzle to bring people to their stall at this fair.
  11. The organisers can accept no responsibility for damage that may occur to stallholder’s stock or equipment
  12. Swannanoa Home and School have the sole discretion when it comes to accepting or declining an application, they are under no obligation to give any reason for refusal of a site, and the decision of the Fair Committee is final.
  13. Under no circumstances does the Swannanoa Home and School or Te Koromiko Swannanoa School accept any responsibility or liability for loss, damage, theft to any person, property of goods bought on site: for any personal injury caused or contributed by the event: for any financial loss suffered by the stall holder as a result of participation in the event, and will also indemnify all members involved in the fair organisation.
  14. Should your stall require council approval for any reason, this is the sole responsibility of the stallholder to arrange. Please include the relevant documentation with your application so this can be given to the Waimakariri District Council as per their requirements.