The Fair is a major fundraiser to help support Swannanoa School and originally started out as a humble boot sale in 1998, with just one year missed after the February earthquakes. This amazing community event now attracts thousands of people from all over the South Island and is one of the most popular and fun days in the regional event calendar.

There is a huge range of quality craft and trade stalls, school plant stall, a massive white elephant sale, plenty of games and rides for the children, delicious food and refreshments as well as all day entertainment, providing a great day out with your family and friends.

There is also a chance to pick up a bargain at our live auction which takes place at midday!

The entire fair effort is put together by the school and its local community, with all profits given back into the schools nominated projects.

With the help of our fair sponsors and the school community, our annual Country Fair has raised thousands of dollars for the school over its 20 year history. Each year the school and Board of Trustees identify a ‘project’ to undertake with the funds raised. As a decile ten school we get very little funding from the Government and rely on fundraising efforts to maintain and upgrade our school facilities.The money raised also contributes to Teacher aides, computer leasing and purchasing of other items for the school, assisting the School to optimise student learning and development.


Swannanoa Domain (opposite Swannanoa School)
Tram Road, Swannanoa
* Free parking available *

Recent Highlights
2019 - Our 20th Celebration

A celebration and a record breaker! With the help of our fair sponsors and the school community we raised over $75,000.

Our “Discovery Dens” project has come to life and we had a wonderful opening of these new spaces in July. These makerspaces provide hands-on, creative ways to encourage students to design, experiment, build and invent as they deeply engage in science, engineering and tinkering.

A makerspace is not solely a science lab, woodshop, computer lab or art room, but it may contain elements found in all of these familiar spaces. This concept will further enhance the collaborative learning environment for the children of the school.

Other funds have been allocated to Teacher aides and purchasing of other items for the school.


Funds raised contributed to our extensive pool project which is now complete!

A new pump, filtering system, sun protection, fencing and plantings; saw many in the community enjoy our pool this summer!

Swannanoa School

Swannanoa School is a semi-rural full primary school situated in the Waimakariri district of the North Canterbury region catering for approximately 340 students from Year 1-8. We are around 25km from central city Christchurch. 

We are a school that prides itself on having a beautiful rural setting supported by rural values. Our children are happy, busy, active learners who are highly engaged and motivated. The school enjoys a supportive community and is recognised for its innovative, exciting and progressive learning environment.

Our logo represents our North Canterbury landscape, the Southern Alps, the Canterbury Plains and braided rivers; Waimakariri, Eyreton and Ashley. The sun is a symbol of young minds growing, and optimism for their bright futures.

Swannanoa is a North American name meaning, “meeting place, or appellation of two mountain ranges”.

Our School at the Heart of Our Community

“... so little of the Swannanoa School is the building itself; it has always been made up of people with a common aim; to teach and to learn. Methods of teaching have changed greatly in the last hundred years but the goal is always the same...”

“... to educate the children of Swannanoa, so that they may grow up with a love for learning and a delight in working together”.

Extract 1971 Centennial book, “Swannanoa School 100 years” compiled by Mr C.M. Harman, edited by Miss P. Rogers.